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Welcome to General Plastic Industries

M/s General Plastic Industries is one of the most widely acclaimed company manufacturing wide range of Plastic Injection Moulded Products. The company was established in the year 1968 and this was the first plant of Automatic Injection Moulding in Delhi. The company is most trusted and reputed Manufacturer of Plastic Moulded Items.

The company has gained confidence and trust of various customers all along for so many years and has enjoyed harmonious relations with them. The company has always enjoyed leadership position in the industry due to its outstanding commitment towards quality and competitive prices. The company today is recognized as the most trusted manufacturer of injection moulded goods by various top companies in India. The products are RoHS compliant and are exported to about 55 countries across the globe including Europe and America. Read More..

  Product Showcase
It gives me immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most reputed Plastic Components Manufacturers. Our Company is producing a wide range of quality products at most competitive prices. I am sure all our customers will get products of high quality with accurate dimensions, for their relevant use. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by moulding ourselves as per the customer's need.
- V K Mittal President


Designing and Prototyping

We assist our clients in shaping their ideas from conceptual stage.


Tool Designing

We have a rich 40 yrs experience in Developing tools for technical plastic parts.


Injection Moulding

GPI's expertise lies in production of close-tolerance functional parts from high.


Contract Manufacturing

With extensive assembly knowledge, a full complement of secondary machinery.


General Moulding
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Plastic Mould And Dies
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Moulding Products
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